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The contracts contained in this package are used to set up and run an independent publishing company. There are some contracts that will be used if the publishing company is affiliated with an independent record label. All of the contracts can be purchased individually on this site.

For a description and to see a sample of the first page of the basic contracts, return to the home page and click on the name of the single contract. To purchase this package click on the order button below. The contracts in the record label package are as follows:

Music Publishing Agreement (Specific Term)
Music Publishing Agreement (With Record Company Affiliate)
Co-Publishing Agreement (Specific Term)
Co-Publishing Agreement (With Record Company Affiliate)
Copyright Assignment
Mechanical License
Publishing Administration Agreement
Song Plugger Agreement
Synchronization License for Film
Synchronization License for Video Game
Synchronization License for Computer Application
Single Song Publishing Contract
Single Song Co-Publishing Contract
General Contract Release
Single Song Collaboration Agreement General 
Songwriter Split Sheet


  • Number of Contracts: 16

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