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The contracts contained in this package are used to help record producers set up and run their business. All of the contracts can be purchased individually on this site.

For a description and to see a sample of the first page of the basic contracts, return to the home page and click on the name of the single contract. To purchase this package click on the order button below. The contracts in the this package are as follows:

Master Use Agreement
Mechanical License
Parental Guarantee And Consent Agreement
Producer-Artist Development Agreement
Producer Of Tracks Non-Exclusive License (Lease)
Producer Of Tracks 1 (No Record Royalty/Publishing)
Producer Of Tracks 2 (No Record Royalty/No Publishing)
Producer Of Tracks 3 (Record Royalty/Publishing)
Producer Of Tracks 4 (Record Royalty/No Publishing)
Producer With Record Company Agreement (Traditional Royalty)
Producer With Artist (Royalty based on Net Profit)
Side Artist Agreement 1 (No Record Royalty/Publishing)
Side Artist Agreement 2 (No Record Royalty/No Publishing)
Side Artist Agreement 3 (Record Royalty/Publishing)
Side Artist Agreement 4 (Record Royalty/No Publishing)

Explanations Included:

Featured or Side Artist Agreement 3 (Royalty/Song Rights) Producer of Tracks Agreement 3 (Royalty/Song Rights)                                                 

  • Number of Contracts: 16

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