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  • Synchronization License
    Synchronization License
    This Synchronization License is used by a film, video or television producer to contract with a songwriter or the songwriter's publisher to use a song in a film, video, music video, television program, or television...
  • Termination and Release Agreement
    Termination and Release Agreement
    This Termination and Release Agreement is used when a two parties agree to release each other from the obligations in a written agreement signed by both parties. This can also be used as a release after a breach of contract...
  • Tour Manager Contract
    Tour Manager Contract
    This Tour Manager Employment Contract is a contract between an artist and a tour manager for the tour managerr to provide tour management services to the artist. The tour manager is paid a fee for each show in the tour...
  • Venue Booking Agent Contract (For Club or Production Company)
    Venue Booking Agent Contract (For Club or Production Company)
    This Venue Booking Agent Contract is used by a music venue, such as a club, or a production company, to contract with a person that will book the venue or seek out an artist to play a particular show. The contract is set up...